M-19 Continuing education for animal caretaker of UZH and ETHZ

Learning objectives

Animal care takers who work in animal experimentation research are legally obliged to undergo continuous training. However, there is only a limited number of places on course programmes for this vocational group, which are often not conducted in German or adapted to the target group’s low flexibility level. The aim of this modular programme is to refresh old knowledge, gain new expertise and provide insights into other areas of animal experimental research. The course comprises individual lectures (1.5 hours in length) or practical exercises (three hours) in German.


This course will be given in german

Criteria for the participation

Animal care takers of UZH and ETHZ only (Internal course)


This course is recognized as continuing education in Switzerland by the Federation of Swiss Cantonal Veterinary Officers (VSKT)
Insurance Insurance is responsibility of each participant.

Course fees

free of charge

Registration and Dates