M-6E Weighing of interests – no obstacle for your experimental animal license application



Before performing an animal experiment a well-balanced weighing of interests has to be done. On the one hand, the researcher must search his conscience regarding the research project involving animal experiments. On the other hand, he/she is also bound by law to carry out a weighing of interests. What sounds simple in theory, is often not so easy in practice. And accordingly, there are always questions to the applications from the authorities.
Is the weighing of interests an insurmountable obstacle when putting together an application for an animal experiment? Not at all! We show you how to do it and what to consider.
This workshop is aimed at all those who will write an application to perform animal experiments. Young as well as experienced researchers are equally welcome.


This course will be given in English language

Criteria for the participation

The participants must be involved in animal experimentation (as experiment, study director, Cantonal commission, KVET, …).


This course is recognized as one day continuing education in Switzerland by the Federation of Swiss Cantonal Veterinary Officers (VSKT)
Insurance Insurance is responsibility of each participant.

Course fees

Academia in Switzerland: 200.- CHF
Industry/External participants: 300.- CHF

Please note that we will charge you in case of a late cancellation of the course (100 SFR within 3 weeks before start of the course; full fee within 7 days before the course). To charge for cancellations is common practice by other providers, too. The new proceedings for further education courses became necessary due to an increasing extent of short term cancellations of continuous training modules.

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