LTK visits Central Animal Services at the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg to present an introductory laboratory animal science workshop

!Let's organize a course like this in South Africa!
That was the feedback from a participant, Dr. Bert Mohr, director of the Animal Services of The University of Cape Town at the end of our introductory course in rodent in Zürich in August 2014 . Some years later this idea became reality as we, Dr. Philippe Bugnon and Louise F. Martin, were invited to the Central Animal Services at the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg to organise and present a week long introductory workshop about laboratory rodents and rabbits.


The course was not only to serve as a single training opportunity, on the contrary the participants would in the future be the trainers themselves. Organised by SAALAS (South African Association for Laboratory Animal Science), funded by the University of Leeds and supported by other international guests we had a wonderful week in wintery Johannesburg teaching the best international practice in laboratory animal science and exchanging ideas with our avid participants. The positive and productive work environment in a country still plagued by many other issues was truly inspiring and also helped us reflect on our courses here in Zurich. And recently Dr. Bert Mohr sent us this message: "A belated thank you to everyone for such a wonderful experience. Thank you for your time, efforts, good-spirited nature, dedication and sacrifices. There is a light in the eyes of our staff now that I have not seen before. I myself am extremely excited about plans for further training in South Africa.