Transgenic Core Facility

Cessation of transgenic services at the UZH

Dear customers,

We are very sorry to inform you that by the end of the year the UZH transgenic core facility will cease its operations. To ensure the completion of running projects we can no longer accept any new requests. We have enjoyed working with you on your projects as well as the exciting discussions to find the most optimal solution for your needs. We are sad that it was decided to discontinue this valuable service.


To provide you with alternatives regarding your research needs, we would like to direct you towards two nearby alternatives:


Polygene AG in Rümlang ZH

Polygene provides gene targeting and transgenic rodent model generation services since 2002. The company has up to now generated over a thousand mouse models. For Zurich they offer a pick-up and delivery service for free. Notably, PolyGene also runs a cryopreservation service with identical service extent and pricing as current LTK´s services. For more details please visit their website at or write an email to


EPIC transgenic core at ETH Zürich

If you prefer academic service - the EPIC offers a comprehensive service at its core facility. We already have been collaborating with the EPIC in many aspects and trust they can support all your requirements. They are giving UZH scientists competitive prices for their research needs. For more details please visit their website or write an email to   


Both services have initiated negotiations with the LASC to facilitate direct import into their SPF breeding rooms and we expect a successful outcome in the near future to not place additional obstacles to your research.


For those of you who have frozen sperm or embryos with us: We will keep maintaining the duplicate cryopreservation tanks. Yet, for rederivation you have to use outside services (such as those above). All logistics will have to be handled by you. A dry shipper may be borrowed from us.


Thank you all for years of trust in us and the enjoyable time with you! Best of luck for your future projects.


Thorsten Buch, Johannes vom Berg and your transgenic core facility team




With our knowledge and established experimental repertoire we are dedicated to support experiments involving gene-modified mice at the University of Zurich and in the greater Zurich area. By pronuclear injection we generate conventional transgenic mouse strains. Our embryonic stem cell and the complementary blastocyst injection service enable the establishment of new mouse strains with specific targeted mutations. While the ES cell approach is still standard, it is currently being replaced by the new CRISPR/Cas9 technology. By injection of Cas9 enzyme and a guide RNA for a specific genomic location into pronuclei, rapid introduction of deletions and insertions is possible, leading frequently to abrogation of gene function. When an oligonucleotide, i.e. including point mutations, is co-injected, these can be specifically brought into the genome. Also targeting vectors, carrying larger transgenes such as GFP or Cre are integrated by homologous recombination, when coinjected into the pronucleus. Beyond these transgenic approaches we are offering strain cryo-preservation and recovery. By providing an embryo transfer service for pathogen removal we are actively involved in management of the health of the local mouse colonies.