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Institut für Labortierkunde (LTK) - Institute of Laboratory Animal Science

Teaching and Training

Our Institute provides to researchers and study directors a high quality education in laboratory animal science. Our goal is to support the scientists in their work with animals in order to do a high quality research and this with respect for the animals.

We organize different courses to support researchers and study directors in different locations in Switzerland: Zürich, Bern, Basel and Lausanne:

1. Basic education in laboratory animal science: Module 1, Module 20 and Module EGA for experimenters and Module 2 for study directors. These courses provide the basics required by law to perform animal experimentation resp. to conduct animal experiments. These courses are accredited by the Federal Office FSVO.

2. Continuing education in laboratory animal science for animal caretakers, researchers and study directors. These courses are accredited by the Association of Cantonal Veterinary Offices.

Cooperation and Network

The Institute of Laboratory Animal Science is founding member of the Swiss Network for Education in Laboratory Animal Science. The members of this network are the Institute of Laboratory Animal Science (LTK) and the Animal Welfare Officers of the University Zürich, the ETH Zürich and the RESAL (Réseau des Animaleries de l’Arc Lémanique). This Network is recognized by the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office as key partner for the education in laboratory animal science in Switzerland.

Since 2014, the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich agreed on a cooperation in their education activities with regard to education and training courses required for researchers working with experimental animals. Accordingly, Dr. med vet Philippe Bugnon and Dr. med vet Maike Heimann (ETHZ) are organizing and conducting the required LTK Modules together. This cooperation is actively supported by Dr. Michaela Thallmair, Animal Welfare Officer of the University Zürich. With this new Cooperation , the existing extent of trainings can be strengthened and expanded according to specific needs of researchers in the German part of Switzerland. 

The cooperation ETHZ-LTK  is registered in the EU platform ETPLAS for courses in laboratory animal science.

The LTK Module 1 is accredited by FELASA (Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations) in order to facility the recognition of this education in Europe.

Weiterführende Informationen


Dr. Philippe Bugnon, Dipl. SVLAS
Tel.: +41 44 635 54 52

Dr. Maike Heimann, Dipl. SVLAS
Tel.: +41 44 633 89 23

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