CAS Sex- and Gender-specific Medicine

Continuing education course at the Universities of Bern and Zurich

Both biological and socio-cultural gender have an impact on prevention, diagnosis, course and treatment of diseases. However, these differences are often neglected in practice and in clinical research. The CAS study programme in Sex- and Gender-Specific Medicine is a course for continuing education at the University that is carried out in parallel with one’s career. It is aimed at people with a master’s degree in medicine or a related field, who want to deepen their knowledge in the sex- and gender-specific differences within medicine in order to shape their work to be in line with the latest evidence.

The study programme teaches the concepts of sex- and gender-specific medicine and the impacts that biological sex and socio-cultural gender have on health and health care.

The individual modules reveal the importance of sex and gender in the various medical disciplines.

Various tools, concepts and ideas will be introduced on how both health care and medical research can do justice to the genders.

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