Education already completed abroad

If I have already completed an education abroad,for instance, what should I do to fulfill the requirements to have the permission to perform animal experimentation in Switzerland?

You have to complete the parts of the education which are missing based on the requirements of the Swiss legislation for the education. 


How to proceed? 

Your study director has to create an account for you in the Federal database Animex and has to upload all certificates in the section “education and admission” of your account. Do not forget to mention the species you will use in your experimentation because the education in Switzerland is species-specific.


PLEASE NOTE: In Zürich, it is mandatory to use the following form that you upload with your certificate/s into your account in the Federal database Animex:

File: “Form - Approval of education done abroad in particular cases (


The authorities will check your previous certificates and inform you about their decision and, if necessary, which course or part(s) of a course you have to complete in Switzerland. 


The authorities may require a part of the module 1, of the module 20, of the module 2 or the module EGA after reviewing the education you completed abroad. In this case, please register for the corresponding course and indicate the content required by the Cantonal authorities in the field for remarks. If you do not mention any content in this registration, we consider that you need the full course.