How to register?

To register for a course, you need to create a personal account in order to be able to access bookings. If you already have an account, please use it again to make additional bookings.
In your account you can always see the reservations you have made and their status (validated, waiting list).

If a course is booked out, additional participants will be waitlisted and/or alternative course will be proposed.


We have adapted the registration system for modules 1 and 20. You register separately for the theory (with its written examination) and for the practical part. This way you choose and know all the exact dates for your training. 
As soon as your registration for the theory is validated, you will receive access to our e-learning platform to start viewing the readings at your convenience up until the date of the exam.
 Please note that this eLearning theory is largely species-unspecific. The content is equal for participants of Modules 1 and 20.
For more details, please refer to this explanatory document.

Explanatory notes in English language (PDF, 47 KB)

Explanatory notes in German language (PDF, 49 KB)


Explanations about the M1 registration

The module 1 is composed of two parts: lectures (elearning + exam) and the practical training. Have a look to this movie which explains the registration with these two parts.

How to register for Module 1.mp4 (MP4, 42 MB)


Explanations about the M20 registration

The module 20 registration looks complex because of the different species and both parts (theory and practical parts). Have a look to this movie which explains this registration

How to register for Module 20.mp4 (MP4, 79 MB)

Registation - listing of courses

Registration and details about the course

For registration please go to our registration website

LTK Registration

In this registration you will find also all details about the courses: location, date, time, target public, fees, ...

PLEASE NOTE that there is some courses in English or German. The courses with different languages are listed separately.