May i register for another person?

May i register for another person with my account?

Do not use your account to book for someone else. We use the account data to contact the participants (confirmation, questions, ...).
If you have a new employee who does not yet work for you but you want to register him/her for a course, ask him/her to create a personal account and to reserve a place in one of our courses.
If you do not yet know the name of this new employee (open position) but you want to ensure a place for this person in one of our courses as soon as they arrive, please contact us by email. We can reserve a place for this person.

Is it possible to pre-register a person?

Pre-registration of future team members like new employees or master students is accepted but must be done with the name and email of the person who will complete the course. If this person is not yet member of your team, you may enter his/her private email address (which can be corrected to the institutional email address as soon as the new person has become an official team member). In case the name of the person is not known (open position), please contact us. We will reserve a place for this person. Do not register another person with your name/email/account.