NEWS in education


We would like to inform you that from 2019 onwards, we have to implement new fees for training and continuous education courses of the LTK-ETH module teaching cooperation.This step was not easy for us, but it became necessary for two reasons:

1: Since the beginning of training activity in 1999 there has been no adjustment of fees to general inflation. Within these 19 years we experienced especially for animal and material acquisition vastly increased costs.

2: Due to a change of law, we will be obliged to follow new administrative requirements for the courses (fachspezifische berufsunabhängige Ausbildung, FBA) from March 2019 onwards. Among these is the introduction of examinations for all basic training courses, thus the LTK modules 1, 2, 20 and EGA. 

Therefore, and in order to remain able to provide our course portfolio and high level quality teaching, this painful step of raising our course fees was decided. The new courses fees will be applied as from March 1st 2019. We ask for your understanding.