Education and coronavirus


The Covid-19 pandemic has also impacted our courses severely. Below are the most important changes. For detailed information, please check first our registration homepage and your mail inbox (if you registered already), before writing us an email.


The following courses are definitely cancelled. If you are registered for these courses, you received an email to inform you about the next steps.
M1 April in Basel, M1 June in Zurich, M1July in Bern, M8 June in Zurich, M7 June in Zurich, Practical days for M20 until August


Due to the uncertainty of how we can proceed with our courses and the number of participants still waiting for training, we only a few places  left in this course
M1 August in Zurich


For some of our courses in June, we are offering the courses as online content. If you have registered previously, we have contacted you with detailed information
M5D/E Breeding management, EGA

We hope that you stay healthy in these trying times and look forward to welcoming you online or whenever we can resume training again.