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Basic or continuing education?

Basic training allows you to fulfill the role of an experimenter or study director. To be authorized to fulfill this role, you must be recognized by the cantonal veterinary authorities as an experimenter or study director. The content and duration of basic education courses for these roles are defined in the Swiss regulation.

Continuing education is mandatory for all persons performing animal experimentation (experimenters) or directing animals experimentation (study directors). The Swiss regualtion requires 4 days of continuing education within a period of 4 years. 

Basic education as experimenter or study director

Depending on your research model and your previous education, you might have taken before, you may choose between 4 different basic education courses we provide: 

  • Module 1: for experimenters working with rodents 
  • Module 20: for experimenters working with non-rodent species 
  • Module 2: for study directors
  • Module EGA which is a part of the basic education for experimenters who already had a full education abroad (with the content and duration required by the Swiss legislation). This module corresponds to the content specific to Switzerland and validates your education abroad. This will be required by the Cantonal authorities (See below). 


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