Modul 15E - Molecular basis for the work with gene-modified animals

This one day course provides the participants with tools to work with gene-modified animals with a focus on small rodents. 


Participants of the course will learn:

  • The different techniques for generation of gene-modified animals
  • The different artificial allele types used in research and their annotation
  • Required controls in experiments with gene-modified animals
  • Basic breeding rules and practices
  • Establishment of typing protocols
  • Reverse engineering of gene-modifications


After lectures introducing the basics in these topics participants solve practical problems typically arising during the course of a project involving gene-modified animal. The solutions will be discussed.

Participants of the course will be able to understand the different types of gene-modification, appreciate the risks involved in their use, establish breedings and typing protocols.


For more details please read the full description of this course in this link