M-1E - Introductory Course in Laboratory Animal Science - Rodents

This education gives expertise and practical skills for a responsible and gentle handling of laboratory animals (according to the Swiss legislation). In this course you will learn the handling and the techniques in laboratory rodent (mouse and rat). This introductory course takes a total of 40 hours and is divided in a theoretical and practical part of about 20 hours each.

Training concept: the limited number of hours gives no extensive knowledge and routine in the execution of the learned techniques. The participants need to be made aware about the animal welfare aspects before, during and after the experiment in order to use these in the everyday laboratory work. Acquired skills and practical competence will be evaluated.

This course is approved by the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office  as official education in Switzerland for experimenters and is also accredited by the FELASA (Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations) according to the functions of the EU Directive (functions A, C, D and modules 10, 20, 21).


For more details, please read the full course description of this course in this link