M5E - Breeding management of gene-modified animals

This one-day course provides the participants with tools to understand the complex genetics of breeding genetically modified animals and introduces concepts of breeding management. 


Participants of the course will learn:

  • The different artificial allele types used in research and their annotation
  • The intricacies of breeding gene-modified animals: Mendel genetics, stochastics of breeding outcomes
  • Planning a breeding program with appreciation of constraints: animal number, cage contingent, time, money
  • Practical aspects of breeding: reproductive and behavioural parameters
  • Problem solving in breeding programs
  • Legal, ethical and 3R aspects in breeding


After lectures introducing the basics in these topics participants solve practical problems to learn how to deal with different breeding management concepts. The solutions will be discussed together including the timing of the breeding and the costs of different systems.


Participants will be able to plan, maintain and supervise simple and complex breedings of gene-modified animals. 


This course is addressing scientists with basic knowledge in work with gene-modified animals (e.g. Module 15E, Module 3E or practical experience).


For more details, please read the full description of this course in this link