EGA (Ethics – Legislation – 3R and alternatives methods)

This course is organized for experimenters who don’t have to complete the entire basic education course (Module 1 or 20). This is applies mainly for:

- Veterinarians who will perform experimentation with animals they already know by their vet training (horse, dog, swine, ruminants, ...)

- Experimenters who gained already a similar education as Module 1 (or 20) abroad and need only to complete all or a selection of the following topics for full recognition as experimenter in Switzerland: ethics, animal welfare legislation, alternative methods / 3Rss

Please contact your Cantonal Veterinary Office in order to know whether you have to complete the entire module 1 (or 20) or only the module EGA in order to be officially recognized as experimenter in Switzerland.

This course will also be accepted as 1 day continuing education in case you completed your basic education before January 2008.

This course takes place once per month - alternating in German and English.