M-2E – Education for persons responsible for directing animal experiments (study directors)

This course is the basic education course to be recognised as study director in animal experimentation. The training consists of a theoretical part and a part that is geared to the experimental objectives. Each part comprises of at least 20 hours.The aim of this advanced training as defined in the Swiss Legislation is to ensure that study directors plan and lead animal experiments in the appropriate methodologically correct manner and apply the 3R principles.

There no criteria for participation. However the recognition of this education by the authorities in Switzerland requires:
1) the basic education in laboratory animal science (Module 1 or 20 or a similar course)
2) at least 3 years experience in animal experimentation (in Switzerland or abroad)

3) a university degree that provides a basic knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology and Behavioural Science, Genetics and Molecular Biology, as well as Hygiene and Biostatistics. If you don’t have these topics in your university degree, they must be completed separately. In this case, please contact your cantonal authorities.


For more details, please read the full description of the course in this link.