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Institut für Labortierkunde (LTK) - Institute of Laboratory Animal Science

Standard Operating Procedures

We publish all our animal-related Standard operating procedures (SOP) for your usage.
Our SOP are all verified through the animal welfare officers of the University of Zurich, the animal wellfare commission of the canton of Zurich and the cantonal veterinary office. The animal permit numbers are indicated so that you may refer to it.
Knowledge about best practises improves continuously. Hence, you should always check whether our SOP are up to date. Also, you may be asked by your animal welfare officer, the animal wellfare commission, the veterinary office or other legal entities (dependent on where you live) to amend your protocol with respect to new knowledge or differing legal requirements.
If you see mistakes in our SOP or have suggestions to improve them, please contact us. We are grateful for all help.

If you wish, you may send us your SOP to support our effort for a sharing culture in animal sciences. Please include animal licence registration number and running period.

Institute for Laboratory Animal Science

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ZH015/21 15.02.2024 SOP-LTK-TRT-19-C-EN tail bleeding.pdf (PDF, 90 KB)
    SOP-LTK-TRT-11-D-EN sc injection.pdf (PDF, 54 KB)
    SOP-LTK-TRT-25-C EN Marking and Biopsies (PDF, 217 KB)
    SOP-LTK-TRT-14-D-EN CO2 Euthanasia (PDF, 95 KB)




SOP-LTK-RES-3-C-EN Stereotactic Injection (PDF, 85 KB)




SOP-LTK-RES-4-D-EN Implantation of osmotic minipumps (PDF, 85 KB)




SOP-LTK-RES-5-F-EN Scoring and withdrawal criteria of i.c. tumors (PDF, 168 KB)




SOP-LTK-RES-6-B-EN In vivo imaging (PDF, 186 KB)




SOP-LTK-RES-43-A-EN Harmonisation and standardization of scoring procedures (PDF, 96 KB)




SOP-LTK-TRT-7-B-EN iv injection (PDF, 107 KB)




SOP-LTK-TRT-10-C-EN ip injection (PDF, 168 KB)




SOP-LTK-TRT-11-B-EN sc injection (PDF, 175 KB)



SOP-LTK-TRT-13-A-EN Isoflurane anesthesia (PDF, 90 KB)



SOP-LTK-TRT-14-C-EN CO2 Euthanasia (PDF, 58 KB)




SOP-LTK-TRT-17-E-EN Post-surgery analgesia (PDF, 78 KB)




SOP-LTK-TRT-18-D-EN Injection anesthesia (PDF, 101 KB)




SOP-LTK-TRT-19-A-EN tail bleeding (PDF, 180 KB)


SOP-LTK-TRT-42-A-EN CSF sampling (PDF, 313 KB)

    SOP-LTK-TRT-43-A-EN Buprenorphin analgesia (PDF, 88 KB)







SOP-LTK-TRT-7-B-EN iv injection (PDF, 51 KB)



SOP-LTK-TRT-10-C-EN ip injection (PDF, 101 KB)




SOP-LTK-TRT-11-B-EN sc injection (PDF, 106 KB)




SOP-LTK-TRT-13-A-EN Isoflurane anesthesia (PDF, 90 KB)




SOP-LTK-TRT-14-A-EN CO2 Euthanasia (PDF, 110 KB)




SOP-LTK-TRT-25-B EN Marking and Biopsies (PDF, 544 KB)


    SOP-LTK-RES-1-F-EN EAE Scoring (PDF, 852 KB)





SOP-LTK-TRT-14-C-EN CO2 Euthanasia (PDF, 80 KB)



SOP-LTK-TRT-14-C-EN CO2 Euthanasia (PDF, 80 KB)

    SOP-LTK-TRT-13-A-EN Isoflurane anesthesia (PDF, 90 KB)


  SOP-LTK-TRT-11-B-EN sc injection (PDF, 106 KB)


  SOP-LTK-RES-74-B-EN intranasal application (PDF, 122 KB)


SOP-LTK-RES-68-A-EN CO2 Euthanasia rat (PDF, 198 KB)
    SOP-LTK-RES-69-C-EN sc injection rat (PDF, 145 KB)
    SOP-LTK-RES-70-B-EN Scoring Post-eCG test application (PDF, 204 KB)
    SOP-LTK-RES-71-B EN Marking Rats (PDF, 708 KB)
Education 31.08.2025 SOP LTK 02 Blutentnahmen Modul 1 (PDF, 14 MB)
Education 31.08.2025 SOP LTK 03 Anästhesie Modul 1 (PDF, 1 MB)
Education 31.08.2025 SOP LTK 04 Applikationen Modul 1 (PDF, 13 MB)
Education 31.08.2025 SOP LTK 05 Tunnelhandling Modul 1 (PDF, 7 MB)


Institute for Experimental Immunology (Münz Lab)toptop

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  SOP Anesthesia (PDF, 61 KB)



  SOP Injections and immunizations (PDF, 67 KB)



  SOP EBV and KSHV infection (PDF, 51 KB)



  SOP Bleeding (PDF, 78 KB)