Animal Ethics

Affiliated member
 Center for Ethics
  Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine

Adjunct Faculty  ​Departement of Economics

Member of the Committee on Animal Experimentation Canton Zurich Tierversuchskommission



«Der Fuss in der Tür»

Survey (PDF, 323 KB) on the Initiative «Fundamental Rights in Primates» launched in Basel.
Questions and Answers on animal experimentation.

Teaching Fall Term 2019

  1. Seminar: Philosophy of Biology (BIO399), together with C. van Schaik
  2. Seminar: Philosophy of Economics (BOEC0358)
  3. Lecture: Pluralism in Economics (BOEC0395), together with U. Woitek

Teaching Spring Term 2019

No teaching. I am on sabbatical leave at Columbia University, New York City.

Teaching 2018

  1. Lecture: «Philosophy of Biology» (BIO124)
  2. Seminar: «Biologie und Philosophie: Evolution und Funktion der Normativität» (BIO391, mit H.-J. Glock, H.-D. Mutschler, C. von Schaik)
  3. «Ethics» (Part of «Introductory Course in Laboratory Animal Science»)
  4. Seminar: «Economic Incentives and Morality – Discourse of Implementation in Ethics of Economics (MOEC0499)
  5. Seminar: Philosophy of Economics (BOEC0358)


Teaching since 2011